Thursday, January 15, 2009

new blawg 2009

hello everyone! thanks for coming!

well, welll
i haven't ever had one of these things that wasn't just full of self-obsessed neurotic teenage drama queen rants, but hopefully i'll still be able to fill it up...

so, i am heading out to venezuela tomorrow with a ton of awesome kids and a couple pretty amazing faculty and i'm all packed to go and super excited.

i've been studying the political happenings down there for the past three months with the evergreen program called 'venezuela: building social and economic justice' and i can't wait to finally be a part of the bolivarian revolution, or at least a witness to it in action.

i'll be taking a ton of pictures while i'm down there, so stay posted!

viva la revolucion! viva para la victoria y la verdad, 2009! y viva mis amigos!